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       The pedigree which Bartrum selected for this man is:
       "Einudd bach ap Brochwel ap Yswallt ap Idris arw ap Gwyddno garanhir ap Klydno ap Ynyr varfdrwch (ap Gwyddno garanhir)* ap Kydwaladyr ap Meirion Meirionydd"
         *Bartrum enclosed words with ( ) which he believed should be deleted
       His notes on the pedigree say:
       "Working back from the date deduced for Peredur Beiswyn (or Beiswyrdd) we get about 900 for the date of birth of Einudd Bach.  It seems probable that Evydd in [pedigree (2) given for Peredur] is a corrupt form of Einudd, and that [the same pedigree] gives a more genuine version of the pedigree of Einudd, although legendary.  Einudd Bach was probably traditionally descended from Gwyddno Garanhir, and the fact that the name Gwyddno appeared in the genealogy of the kings of Meirionydd, as well as the name Einudd four generations later (see HG 18, JC 41, ABT 230, led to the identification of the latter with Einudd Bach and the former with Gwyddno Garanhir.  Whence the version [shown above].  In ABT 23, Einudd has already acquired the epithet 'Bach', though Gwyddno has not yet acquired that of 'Garanhir'.  The date of birth of the Einudd in the Meirionydd pedigree was about 600.
          "Einudd Bach could not have been the grandfather of Seisyll of Meirionydd, but he could have been the grandfather of Seisyll the father of Llywelyn.  See note to [the pedigree of Seisyll].
          "Einudd Bach appears in Ieuan Brechfa's list of Pymtheg Llwyth Gwynedd. See NLW Journal XII p. 232.  This seems to be a mistake for Nefydd Hardd, but the name got into later lists, e.g. Pen 139(2) p. 88, Dwnn ii,83, and in a very corrupt version found in Pen 143 pp. 24-26, Harl 3525 fos. 50r-51v, Harl 1935 fo. 78r-v, Llyfr Baglan 47"
         Our first observation is that Bartrum would delete the wrong Gwyddno garanhir from his pedigree (and, of course, the 'garanhir' should be stripped from the Gwyddno which remains).  The string "Eunydd Bach ap Brochwel ap Iswallt ap Idris" should continue "ap Clydno ap Cynyr ap Gwyddno ap Cadwaladr" but does not continue "ap Meirion Meirionydd". The Cadwaladr in this list was born c. 800 and many more generations ensue before reaching Cadwaladr ap Meirion of c. 450.
         Secondly, we cannot deduce a birthdate for Eunydd Bach from Peredur Beiswyn or Peredur Beiswrydd since they belong to entirely different branches of the family.  The Peredur brothers descended from a Eunydd ap Pyll ap Sandde[1], not from Eunydd Bach ap Brochwel.  Actually, Eunydd Bach occurs a full generation after either Peredur; he was 6th after Gwyddno ap Cadwaladr while we find the Peredur brothers in the 5th generation after that same Gwyddno.
         Next, Bartrum has confused two separate strings of men called "Eunydd ap Brochwel ap Iswallt ap Idris" which occur in the Meirionydd pedigree, one from c. 580 to c. 675 and the other from c. 925 to c. 1020:
                                   385 Cunedda
                                  420  Meirion[2]
                                 450  Cadwaladr
                              485  Gwrgant Barbtruch
                                 515  Clydno
                                545  Gwyddno
                                580  Idris Gawr, obit 632
                                 610  Iswallt
                                640  Brochwel
                                 675  Eunydd     
                                705  Ednyfed
                                735  Brochwel
                                 770  Cynan
                               800  Cadwaladr
                                830  Gwyddno
                                860  Cynyr (or Ynyr)*
                                 895  Clydno
                                  925  Idris
                                 960  Iswallt
                                990  Brochwel
                             1020  Eunydd Bach
             *This man had a brother, Sandde, from whom the Peredur brothers descended
           Finally we believe the statement, concerning which Seisyll could have Eunydd Bach as their grandfather, is exactly backwards.  When Eunydd Bach is correctly dated to c. 1020, he CAN be the grandfather of Seisyll of Meirionydd born c. 1080 but could NOT be the grandfather of Seisyll father of Llewelyn[3], born c. 945.
           We do agree that the entry found in Pymtheg Llwyth Gwynedd which reads "Ennydd bach o Nant Konwy" is an error for Nefydd Hardd.  But the occurrance of Eunydd Bach in Dwnn ii, 83 is correct that Eunydd Bach was "ap Brochwel ap Yswalltar ap Idris", simply not that string of men which continues "ap Gwyddno".


[1]  Refer to "#7 - Peredur Beiswyn or Beiswyrdd" in this series of Patriarchs
[2]  While traditional pedigrees make Meirion the son of Tybian ap Cunedda, we believe this was a misreading of pedigree #32 in Harleian Ms 3859.  See the paper "Meirion Meirionydd 'grandson' of Cunedda" at the link below:
[3] Llewelyn ap Seisyll, born c. 975, was king of Powys and Gwynedd until his death in 1023.  His son, Gruffudd ap Llewelyn, was the only Welshman to rule every tribal kingdom in what is now called Wales prior to the Edwardian conquest of 1282