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                THE 'MEN OF THE NORTH'
     Called by the Welsh "Gwyr y Gogledd", the Brythonic Celts who resided in the northern part of Britain (but south of the Caledonian Picts), shared both societal customs and common ancient ancestors with most of the Welsh Noblemen. The papers in this grouping are the stories of some of these families. 

Foundations of The Men of the North - Part 1

        Here, we introduce the reader to the descendants of Beli Mawr who, in the 1st century BC, settled in the area of Britain which now lies between the two Roman walls.  Eventually, these consisted of two kingdoms: Strathclyde (or Alt Clud) in the western part and Manaw Gododdin (later called Lothian) in the eastern part.

Foundations of The Men of the North - Part 2

         Continues our Part 1 discussion with the men who resided in North Britian, but below Hadrian's Wall. These included the men of the First Powys Dynasty and the tribes descended from Coel Hen. Includes a map of the various northern kingdoms.

Bernicia - From Doormat to Dominant in North Britain

        The story of the 6th century 'Heroes' of the Men of the North, as they coped with the rise of the Anglian foederati.  Argues there was no "great alliance" of Cymric kingdoms in North Britain, nor that any was needed.  As the Cymry's strong leaders died off, the Berncian Angles were able to form a new kingdom called Northumbria.

Refugees From Strathclyde Come to Gwynedd

        Identifies and discusses certain Strathclyde people who relocated to Gwynedd in the 10th century, following a disastrous battle against King Aethelstan of Wessex.  We suggest these included a Dafydd ap Owain, a Blegoryd ap Dyfnwal and Tangwystl, sister of that Blegoryd. 

Rhun ap Arthgal and His Family

        Pedigree #5 in Harleian Ms 3859 (Men of Strathclyde) ends with Rhun ap Arthgal, a man born c. 839.  Here, we discuss events concerning both Rhun's father and his son….a man called Eochaid, said to have become a king while yet a teenager. 

Who Was 'Greg, King of the Picts'?

        A man called "Greg" is said to have been the "guardian" of Eochaid ap Rhun, who ruled over both Strathclyde and Alba (Pictland) "jointly" with his ward. Here, we review what the sources say about Greg and try to answer the question "just who the hell was this guy?"