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         Bartrum present the following suggested pedigree:
         "Braint hir ap Nevydd ap Geraint ap Garanawc (ap) Glewddigar ap Kynwas ap Rychwin varfoc ap Helic ap Glanawc"
          His note to the pedigree reads:
         "This is an extension of HL 11.  The extension is achieved by misidentifying Rhychwyn Farfog of Bod Rhywchwyn in Rhos Is Dulas with Rychwyn, the saint of Llanrhchwyn in Nant Conwy, who is made a son of Helig ap Glannog in some versions of Bonedd y Saint #42."
         While Bartrum's suggestion correctly detaches the "ap Heilig ap Glannog" from the pedigree, he offers no alternate ancestry for Braint Hir.  The Nant Conwy Rychwyn WAS a son of Heilig ap Glannog, was born c. 985 and was the ancestor of Nefydd Hardd of c. 1105.  But the Rychwyn in the pedigree of Braint Hir occurs much earlier and was probably a younger son of one of the men in the pedigree found in Harleian Ms 3859, 3.  That was the ruling Rhos family descended from Cynglas ap Owain Ddantgwyn; its senior branch did include Heilig ap Glannog but not Braint Hir. 
         We examined the ancestry of Braint Hir at length in our paper "The Medieval Redating of Braint Hir" and suggest the family chart looks like this:
                                  385  Cunedda
                                 415  Einion Yrth
                              447  Owain Ddantgwyn
                                  480  Cynglas
                                   515  Meig
                                 545  Cyngen
                            575  Cadwallon Crisban
                                  610  Idgwyn
                                   640  Einion
                                  675  Rhufon
                    l                                              l
        705  Meirion                            715  Rychwyn Farfog
                    l                                              l
        740  Caradog, obit 798                750  Cynwas
                    l                                              l
         780  Hywel, obit 825             785  Caranog Glewddigar
                    l                                              l
   815  Caradog Freich Fras[1]               815  Geraint
                    l                                              l
   850  Gwgan Gleddyfrudd                    850  Nefydd
                    l                                              l
      885  Gwaithfoed                           880  Braint Hir[2]
        915  Glannog     
          950  Heilig

[1]  The pedigree from Cunedda down to Hywel is from Harleian Ms 3859, 3. while the pedigree from Caradog Freich Fras down to Heilig is from Pen. 181, 391 and Pen. 140, 19.  Attaching Caradog Freich Fras to Hywel is without ancient authority, and is only our suggested construction
[2]  The pedigree from Rychwyn down to Braint Hir is cited in HLG 11; attaching the family to Rhufon is merely our suggestion