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        Under this heading, Bartrum presents two pedigrees:
        (1) "Mam Tudyr Trevor oedd Rieingar verch Lluddicka ap Kariadoc vreichfras iarll Henffordd ap y Keiloc myngrudd or gogledd ap Eidol darianlas ap Kenau ap Koel godeboc.  Tri o meibon oedd i Dudyr Trevor, nid amgen, Grono, Lluddicka, Dingad.  I Rono y bu verch yr hon a elwid Gwen ferch ac etifedd i Rono.  Mam oedd hono i Elystan glodrydd, ac oddiwth i vam i kavas Elystan iarllaeth Henffordd, ac oddiwrth i vam i kowsse Dudyr Trevor yr un iarllaeth achos i vam oedd verch ac etifedd Lluddicka ap Kariadoc vreichvras iarll Henffordd."
       (2) [a] "Mam Tudur Trevor oedd Rieingar verch Lluddyka ap Kriadoc vreichvras"
            [b] "Mam Lluddyka ap Tudur Trevor oedd Angharad verch Howel ddaf ap Kadell"
            [c] "Mam Llowarch gam ap Lluddyka ap Tudur Trevor oedd verch Iago ap Idwal ap Meuric"
            [d] "Mam Ednyfed ap Llowarch gam oedd Nest verch Gwrystan ap Gwaithfoed"
        In his notes to these pedigree, Bartrum says:
        "Little confidence can be placed in these relationships although, surprisingly, they are all chronologically possible except for 'Mam Tudur Trefor' and "Mam Llywarch Gam'.  To the best of my knowledge [the second pedigree] does not appear again until Lewys Dwnn who gives an expanded version (ii.307)."
         For those whose Welsh isn't fluent, we shall attempt to render the pedigree in English:
         "The mother of Tudor Trevor[1] was Reingar ferch Lluddocca ap Caradog Freich Fras, earl of Hereford, ap y Ceiliog Myngrudd of the North ap Eidol Darian Las ap Ceneu ap Coel Godebog.  Tudor Trevor had three sons, namely, Gronwy, Lluddocca and Dyngad.  Gronwy had a daughter and heiress named Gwen, who was the mother of Elystan Glodrydd.  This Elystan Glodrydd became earl of Hereford by right of his mother since Tudor Trevor had inherited it from his mother, the daughter of Lluddocca ap Caradog Freich Fras, earl of Hereford."
         While Reingar was the granddaughter of Caradog Freich Fras, he was not the man of that name who lived in the 6th century near Hereford whose flawed pedigree follows that name.  She was a lady of north Wales whose grandfather was the Caradog Freich Fras of c. 815 found in the pedigree of Heilig ap Glannog.  This misidentification led early historians to believe Tudor Trevor held lands in Hereford, whereas his lands were all north of the Severn in Cheshire and Shropshire.
         Gronwy ap Tudor Trevor died before his father; his only daughter, Gwen, married a man of southeast Wales named Cuhelyn ap Ifor and she was the mother of Elystan Glodrydd who became King of Fferlys.  That kingdom lay between the Wye and Severn, south of Powys and north of Gwent.  It did, prior to the Norman incursions, extend east into Herefordshire.
         The first item is a repeat from the first pedigree, but deletes all the wording which misidentified the Caradog Freich Fras in the ancestry of Tudor Trevor's mother. Reingar was born c. 885. 
         The second item identifies the wife of Tudor Trevor by calling her the mother of his son, Lluddocca.  Angharad ferch Hywel Dda was born c. 915.
         The third item identifies the wife of Lluddocca ap Tudor Trevor, but incorrectly extends her ancestry beyond Idwal.  Born c. 950, this unnamed lady[2] was a daughter of Iago ap Idwal Foel ap Anarawd ap Rhodri Mawr, not the later Iago ap Idwal ap Elisedd ap Meurig ap Idwal Foel.
         The fourth item identifies the wife of Llowarch Gam ap Lluddocca.  Nest[3] was born c. 980 and was a sister of Cynfyn ap Gwerystan and aunt of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn.
         Had Bartrum correctly identified the Caradog Freich Fras and the Iago ap Idwal mentioned in the pedigrees, he could not have concluded that ANY of the relationships cited were chronologically impossible; while slightly corrupt as cited, the marriages were not only possible but highly probable.  Tudor Trevor was descended from a junior branch of the First Powys Dynasty, held a vast lordship in the lands bordering Wales and Mercia, and his family should be expected to have married neighboring nobility.
        The following charts shows the timeline of the family:
805  Gwrgeneu[4]  815 Caradog Freich Fras
            l                            l
835  Cadfarch         850  Llyddoca[5]        Cadell  851
            l                            l                        l                          880
  870  Ynyr========Reingar 885       Hywel Dda  879   Idwal Foel
                         l                                       l                        l
          900  Tudor Trevor==========Angharad  915      Iago 915
                      _____________l_____________                   l
                      l                    l                          l                  l  950
          932  Gronwy   930 Dyngad[6]    935 Lluddocca====dau
                      l                                                          l
                     l                                                          l
                     l                    Ifor[7]  930   __________l
                     l                        l               l                      [8]
        970  Gwenl=======Cuhelyn  960    l           Gwaithfoed 915
                                 l                            l                  l   
                 990  Elystan Glodrydd             l           Gwerystan 955
                                                             l                  l
                                           965  Llowarch Gam===Nest  980

[1]  Tudor was called "trefor" because he was born at Tref Awr, a manor in Nanheudwy near the present Llangollen
[2] She is called Angharad in Dwnn ii, 307
[3] This lady is called Lleuci in Dwnn ii, 307
[4] The ancestry of Gwrgeneu extends back to Cadell ap Cynan Garwyn of the First Powys Dynasty; Cadell was a younger brother of King Selyf and both fell in the 613 Battle of Chester
[5] Llyddoca was a brother of Gwgan Gleddyfrudd who is found in the pedigree of Heilig ap Glannog
[6] Dyngad was the eldest son of Tudor Trevor and inherited the northern part of the lordship, principally Maelor.  Lluddocca received his father's manor and the part of his lands which extended south to the Severn; except for Nanheudwy, those lands were all in present-day Shropshire.  The third son, Gronwy, died during the lifetime of Tudor and thus inherited nothing
[7] Ifor was the son of Seferys ap Cadwr.  His sister, Sissely, married Dyngad ap Tudor Trevor.  This family descended from Tegonwy ap Teon and represented the southern branch of the extended Powys family
[8] Gwaithfoed of Powys represented another branch of the family descended from Tegonwy ap Teon; his descendant, Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, founded the Second Powys Dynasty.  The first-cousin of Gwaithfoed was Gwrydr Hir ap Caradog ap Lles Llydog; that Gwrydr Hir married Arddun, a daughter of Tudor Trevor