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         Bartrum offers the following pedigrees under this heading:
         (1) "Marchweithian ap Tangwel ap Lludd ap Llew ap Llyminod angel ap Pasgen ap Urien Rheged"
         (2) "Trahaearn ap Tangwel ap Lludd ap Llen ap Llyminod angel ap Pasgen ap Urien Rheged"
         (3) "Trahaearn...brawd Marchweithian"
          In his note to these pedigrees, he says:
          "Born c. 1020, he was ancestor of a tribe in Rhufoniog, Is Aled which was reckoned one of Pymtheg Llwyth Gwynedd. The pedigrees make him first cousin of Tangno which is quite possible chronologically.  Trahaearn, brother of Marchweithian, had relatively few descendants.  Two marraiges of his descendants are recorded in Dwnn ii, 103, 154, which agree with the statement that he was a brother of Marchweithian.  The main body of his supposed descendants, however, are traced to Hoedliw ap Rhiryd ap Pasgen ap Trahaearn, and most of these pedigrees are deficient."
          We have discussed the part of this pedgree extending backward from Lludd in our analysis of Patriarch #22 and will not repeat it here.  But the chronology does not support the claim that Marchweithian was a first-cousin of Tangno; rather it is consistent with him being a first-cousin of Collwyn.  We place the birth of Marchweithian c. 1015, and suggest his father, Tangwel, was a brother of Tangno and that the father of Tangwel was Cadfael (who is omitted in the pedigree).
           We chart the ancestry of the brothers Marchweithian and Trahaearn as:
                                      850  Pasgen ap Urien
                              878  Llewelyn Llyminiog Angel
                                      910  Lluddoca
                                       945  Cadfael
                                      980  Tangwel
                             l                                          l
              1015  Marchweithian            1020  Trahaearn
         Our analysis of the families which descended from his brother, Trahaearn, finds that the Trahaearn in the string "Hoedliw ap Rhiryd ap Pasgen ap Trahaearn" was not "ap Tangwel" as Bartrum thought[1].  The Trahaearn in this sequence was a son of Pasgen ap Trahaearn ap Tangwel, and the pedigrees of the families who descended from Hoedliw are not chronologically deficient; this Hoedliw was born c. 1185, two generations later than Bartrum placed him.
              The early descendants of Trahaearn are charted as:
                                           1020  Trahaearn
                                             1055  Pasgen
                 l                                                       l
     1085  Rhiryd                                 1090  Trahaearn
                l                                _____________l_____
                l                                l                               l  
 1115  Gwenllian[2]      1120  Pasgen              1130  Rhiryd
               =                               l                                l
   Iorwerth ap Gwgan     1150 Rhiryd             1165  Gwenllian[3]
          1100                               l                               =
                                  1185  Hoedliw          Einion Ddu ap Cynwrig
[1] Bartrum charted Hoedliw as a brother of the c. 1115 Gwenllian; both had fathers called Rhiryd ap Pasgen ap Trahaaearn, but two different men of that name
[2] Pen. 139(1), 199 and Pen. 139(2), 90 say Gwenllian ferch Rhiryd ap Pasgen ap Trahaearn married Iorwerth ap Gwgan ap Idnerth ap Edryd.  This Iorwerth was the grandfather of Ednyfed Fychan (c. 1165) and he was born c. 1100
[3] Dwnn ii, 103 says Gwenllian ferch Rhiryd ap Trahaearn ap Pasgen ap Trahaearn married Einion Ddu ap Cynwrig.  Einion Ddu was a brother of Ednyfed Fychan and born c. 1165.