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        For this Meirionydd man, Bartrum offers 3 pedigrees:
        (1) Gwyn [ap Peredur ap Ednywain] vab Bratwen vap Mael vap Bleydud vab Morud vap Kyndelv vap Kyvnerth vap Kedyvor vap Rynn vap Morgynhor vap Kynvan vap Hvan vap Mael da hynaf vap Vnhwch unarchen vap Espwys vap Espwch
       (2)  Ednywain ap Bradwen ap Idnerth ap Edryd ap Nethan...
       (3)  Ednywain ap Bradwen ap Idnerth ap Vnwch (ap) Vnarchen ap Mael ap Eliw towarchen ap Dafydd Esgvd avr ap Ywain avrdorchoc ap Llywelyn avrdorchoc
       In his notes to these pedigrees,Bartrum says:
       "Ednywain ap Bradwen was born c. 1130 and was ancestor of a tribe in Meirionydd. listed as one of the Pymtheg Llwyth Gwynedd.  This 14th century pedigree is of great interest because it is one of the earliest pedigrees of an ordinary Welsh family carried back to a legendary ancestor.  It was never adopted by genealogists of the 15th cenrtuy onwards, but two alternative pedigrees were concocted, neither of which has anything to recommend it.  (2) goes back to Marchudd, ancestor of one of the Pymtheg Llwyth, and although it is chronologically possible, the fact that it derives one of the Fifteen Tribes from another makes it highly improbable.  (3) is quite impossible chronologically.
        In fact, Ednowain ap Bradwen was born nearer 1155.  What is shown here is a conflation of two different pedigrees, one being that of a "Gwyn ap Bradwen" and the other of a "Gwyn ap Peredur ap Ednowain ap Bradwen.  Those were two different men named Gwyn, the first [1] born c. 1160 and a brother of Ednowain. The later "Gwyn ap Peredur" [2] was born c. 1220.  The "Bradwen" to which each is traced, was a man born c. 1125 and was NOT the c. 1065 "Bradwen ap Mael" with which the pedigree continues.  Refer to our paper "Bradwen of Llys Bradwem, Meirionydd"  for the correct pedigree of Bradwen ap Mael at the link below:
        This pedigree correctly names the father of the c. 1125 Bradwen as Idnerth, but wrongly identifies this c. 1095 Idnerth as the Idnerth ap Edryd born c. 1040 to a family in Rhos. It fails chronologically and must be rejected.
        Bartrum dismissed this pedigree as "quite impossible chronologically".  As written, we would agree.  But one of the 6 versions of this pedigree which Bartrum cited [3] and another he did not cite [4]  solve this problem by omitting the string of names between Idnerth and Dafydd Ysgid Aur.  Those names bring to mind the Unhwch Unarchen and Maeldaf hynaf found in Pedigree #1, and even Bartrum should have rejected the 5 citations containing that nonsense.
        We agree with the 2 citations which provide us with Ednowain (1155) ap Bradwen (1125) ap Idnerth (1095) ap Dafydd Ysgyd Aur (1065) ap Ednowain Aurdorchog (1035) ap Llewelyn Aurdorchog (1005). [5] 
[1] Peniarth Ms 135, 377
[2] Peniarth Ms 131, 239
[3] Wrexham 1, 44
[4] Dwnn ii, 242/243
[5] For a full discussion of this pedigree, see our paper "Ednowain ap Bradwen" at the link below: