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          Bartrum suggests three versions of his pedigree:
           (1) Geraint ap Tegwared  ap Cynfawr ap Madog ap Nynnio ap Idnerth ap Cadwr ap Cadog ap Dissaeth ap Cathus ap Rhufan ap Ededwy
          (2)  Geraint ap Tegwared ap Cynfawr ap Madog ap Nynnio ap Idnerth ap Edryd
         (3)  Geraint ap Cynfarch ap Nynnio ap Idnerth ap Edryd
          In his notes to the pedigrees, Bartrum says Geraint was born c. 1200, and that the versions attaching him to Idnerth ap Edryd (who descended from Marchudd ap Cynan) are incorrect.
           We agree this [1] is the correct ancestry of Geraint, but estimate his birth as c. 1170. Neither Bartrum, nor any other source, point to or even suggest the ancestry of the man at the top of the pedigree.  We suggest the man appearing at the top of the pedigree was a younger son of Cadrod (and brother of Cilmin Droed Ddu) ap Gwriad, which Cadrod was a brother of Merfyn Frych.  In 816, Merfyn had evicted Hywel ap Caradog of Rhos from Anglesey.  As the eldest son of former Gwynedd king Cynan Dindaethwy's only daughter and heiress, Merfyn then laid claim to the kingship.  As the youngest son, Cadrod inherited his mother's manor in Dindaethwy,  When Cadrod died, that manor was inherited by his youngest son.  That manor, we think, was located in the parish  of Pentraeth in the commote of Tindaethwy in Anglesey.
           Idnerth ap Edryd was born c. 1040 but was descended from Marchudd ap Cynan, whose lands were in Rhos, not Anglesey.  This false assignment [2]  may have seemed somewhat logical datewise as Idnerth ap Edryd was born only 25 years later than Idnerth ap Cadwr.
           This pedigree [3] actually was speaking of a c. 1110 Geraint ap Cynfarch who was a first-cousin of Cynfawr ap Madog in Pedigree #1.  The attachment to Edryd was based on the earlier citation which was the source for Pedigree #2
[1] HLG 6a
[2] Peniarth 127, 68
[3] Peniarth 129, 103
       A man from the tribe of Marchudd ap Cynan probably did marry an heiress of the Pentraeth family about the year 1130.  HLG 7a mentions a Dafydd ap Tegwared ap Hoedliw ap Hyfaidd ap Morien ap Moriddig ap Owain ap Marchudd ap Cynan.  This Dafydd is called a "man of Pentraeth" by Bartrum in his "Early Wesh Genealogical Tracts", page 156.

          Bartrum's chart "Geraint 2" in his Welsh Genealogies AD 300-1400" includes an unattached family also found in Pentraeth, in which a Hywel ap Gruffudd ap Gronwy Trefgoed had married the heiress, Gwenhwyfar ferch Gronwy ap Llewelyn ap Einion ap Geraint. We suggest this Geraint was the son of Einion ap Geraint ap Tegwared.
 According to Bartrum's chart, Hywel and Gwenhwyfar had a son, Gruffudd, who had a son Iorwerth.  This family is found in Peniarth 177, 166 and this source presents the following data (dates are our estimates):
                            1275   Gronwy Trefgoed
                                 1310  Gruffudd
                                                 l                       1355
                                  1345  Hywel==========Gwenhwyfar ferch Gronwy
                                                l                         heiress of Rhiwlas, in Pentraeth
                                1375  Gruffudd========Mallt ferch Ithel ap Hywel,
                                               l                          ancestry unknown
                                1405  Iorwerth========Mallt ferch Hywel ap Cwnws,
                                                                         descended from Hwfa ap Cynddelw
                     residing at Rhiwlas, Pentraeth
           Bartrum then charts another wife for Iorwerth ap Gruffudd as Gwenhwyfar ferch Hywel ap Tegwared ap Madog Goch, giving Dwnn ii, 265 as his source.  But that citation reads "Sir David ap Rhys ap Ieuan ap Iorwerth ap Gruffudd ap Iorwerth Trefgoed" and adds "the mother of Ieuan ap Iorwerth was Gwenhwyfar ferch Hywel ap Tegwared ap Madog Goch".  A chart of that family would show:
                                   1280  Iorwerth Trefgoed
                                       1315  Gruffudd
                                                          l               1365
                                       1350  Iorwerth======Gwenhwyfar ferch Hywel ap Tegwared
                                                      1380  Ieuan
                                                      1410  Rhys
                                                   1445  Sir David
                                              residing at Trefgoed, Lleyn
           In Bartrum's indexes to his charts, he presents the spouse of Gwenhwyfar as "Iorwerth ap Gruffudd ap Hywel" and gives his source as Dwnn ii, 265.  We assume Bartrum was fixated on the other pedigree of a man from Trefgoed and somehow misread "Iorwerth Trefgoed" as "Hywel"
           We believe the Iorwerth Trefgoed in this pedigree was a brother of Gronwy Trefgoed in the first chart in this appendix.  The editor of the 1846 book of Dwnn pedigrees, Sir Samuel Meyrick, provided a location heading for the page 265 pedigree as "Tindaethwy Trefgoed" but there was no such place name in all Anglesey.  There was a Trefgoed in far north Lleyn, in the commote of Dinllaen, less than 20 miles south of Tindaethwy.  It is our belief that the brothers Gronwy and Iorwerth of Trefgoed were sons of Tudor (1245) ap Carwed (1210) ap Gwyn (1175) ap Ednowain (1140) ap Eginir (1110) ap Gwyn (1075) ap Eginir (1045) ap Collwyn (1010) ap Tangno.  Collwyn had been Lord of Lleyn and this branch of his family was found in Eifionydd and northern Lleyn.