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Bartrum offers 3 pedigrees for this family:

(1)  Dafydd ap Llywarch ap Bleddyn ap Gwilym ap Meurig ap Edryt ap Gwrst ap Inethan ap Iago ap Cynfelyn Drwsgwl ap Cenau ap Coel
(2)  Dafydd ap Llywarch ap Bleddyn ap Gwilym ap Meurig ap Edryt ap Gwrst ap Inethan ap Cynfelyn ap Iago ap Cynfelyn ap Cynfelyn Drwsgwl ap Cenau ap Coel
(3) Dafydd ap Llywarch ap Bleddyn ap Gwilym ap Meurig ap Edryd ap Elfyw ap Elfan ap Uffelyn ap Cuhelyn ap Cynfelyn Drwsgl ap Cynwyd Cynwyddion ap Cynfelyn ap Athrwys ap Mar ap Cenau ap Coel
His notes to these pedigrees say Dafydd ap Llywarch "was born c. 1330 and was ancestor to two families in this area of Rhos.  His pedigree contains rare names found also in the tribe of Marchudd ap Cynan,,,,and it seems possible Dafydd ap Llywarch actually belonged to this tribe."
          Before examining the above pedigrees, we provide the following chart which seems to fix his date of birth near 1310.  Furthermore, Dafydd (with his brothers and a first-cousin) were listed as holders of lands in Wele Bleddyn ap Gwilym in the commote of Is Dulas, Rhos in 1334 [1], so Dafydd was an adult on that date:
            1205  Gwilym
           1235  Bleddyn                1260  Ednyfed Gam (a)            1270  Bleddyn Llwyd (b)
                          l                                          l                                                l
          1270  Llywarch                1295  Iorwerth Ddu                     1300  Cynwrig
                         l                                           l                                               l
          1310  Dafydd==============Morfydd  1325 [2]        1330  Llewelyn Chwith
                                             l                                                                      l
                              1345  Cwnws                                                   1365  Ithel
                                             l                                                                      l
                          1380  Hywel Goch==========================Annes  1395 [3]
(a)  Son of Iorwerth Foel (1225) ap Iorwerth Fychan (1190) ap Iorwerth Hen (1153) ap Owain (1123) ap Bleddyn (1085) ap Tudor (1055) ap Rhys Sais (1025) descended from Tudor Trefor
(b) son of Bleddyn Fychan (1240) ap Bleddyn (1205) ap Rhiwallon (1175) ap Rhahawd Bach aka Radfarch (1145) ap Asser (1115) ap Gwrgi (1080) ap Hedd (1050) ap Alunog (1020) descended from Tudwal Gloff
        This pedigree is found in Peniarth 181, 359 (c. 1550) and lacks at least 18 generations to connect Dafydd ap Llywarch to Ceneu ao Coel Hen.  It appears to be accurate back to Edryd, but is quite corrupt with the names which follow.  No man named Edryd ap Gwrst is found in any other source except Pedigree #2 below.
       From Peniarth 138, 34 (.c. 1562), this pedigree adds a couple more generations but still falls at least 16 generations shy of covering the time gap back to Coel Hen.  Some of the links which are included are names found in the tribe of Marchudd ap Cynan, but not in the sequence shown here.
        This pedigree is found in Cardiff 4.265, 333 and mirrors the others from Dafydd back to Meurig ap Edryd. It lacks 13 generations to span the years between Dafydd and Coel Hen. Again, we find some names which also occur in the pedigree of Marchudd ap Cynan, but not in the same sequence.
        The record of land holders in Is Dulas, Rhos, known as the 1334 Survey of Denbigh, not only shows that Dafydd ap Llywarch owned lands in Wele Bleddyn ap Gwilyn, but he and his 2 brothers also held a 1/6 interest in certain lands in Wele Iddon ap Ithel. [4] Thus, we suggest these brothers were descended from Iddon ap Ithel ap Edryd, a man known to descend from Marchudd ap Cynan.
        Dafydd (1310) ap Llywarch (1270) ap Bleddyn (1235) ap Gwilym (1205) ap Meurig (1175) ap Edryd (1140) ap Iorwerth (1105) ap Iddon (1070) ap Ithel (1035) ap Edryd (1005) ap Inethan (975) ap Iasseth (945) ap Carwed (915) ap Marchudd (880) ap Cynan (850).
        Our charts show the ancestry of Marchudd ap Cynan as "ap Elyfyw ap Mor ap Mynan ap Yspwys ap Mwyntrych ap Yspwys ap Cadrod ap Cynwyd ap Cynfelyn ap Cadrod Calchfynydd ap Cynwyd Cynwydion ap Cynfelyn ap Athrwys ap Mar ap Ceneu ap Coel Hen"
[1] Survey of Denbigh, page 284.  The entry lists "Ieuan ap Llywarch ap Bleddyn and his brothers, Llewelyn and David", perhaps indicating that David was the youngest of the brothers.
[2] Her marriage is cited in Peniarth 138, 35 and B.M. Add. 15041, 111
[3] Her marriage is cited in Peniarth 138, 34
[4] Survey of Denbigh, page 277.  HLG 7c, in a section listing sons of Edryd ap Inethan, mentions "Iorwerth ap Iddon ap Ithel ap Edryd".