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                                        CYNWRIG ap RHIWALLON
                                             By Darrell Wolcott
          There is a single mention in the Brut y Tywysogyon, in its entry for 1075, of a man named Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon, while Peter Bartrum's indexes for his classic work "Welsh Genealogies - AD300-1400" lists 4 men of that name, none of which can be credibly identified as the man mentioned in the Brut entry. [1]
          Bartrum lists two men named Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon ap Dyngad and descended from Tudor Trefer, one born c. 1000 and the other c. 1100.  His other two Cynwrigs were not in families who descend from Tudor Trefor, were born c. 1130 and c. 1230, respectively, and are not material to our present discussion. [2]
          While we agree two men named Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon ap Dyngad DID descend from Tudor Trefor, our chart of the family includes another four men named Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon in that extended family, all of whom are incorrectly cited as "ap Dyngad ap Tudor Trefor", but each of whose grandfather was an earlier Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon.
          Within the families descended from Tudor Trefor, Bartrum lists Dafydd as the only son of a c. 1000 Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon, while he presents the following children for a c. 1100 Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon:  sons Iorwerth, Hoedliw, Bledrus, Bleddyn, Hwfa, Ednyfed, Nynnio, Llewelyn, Philip, Ieuaf, Rhiwallon, Einion and Gruffudd plus daughters Arddun and Jane.
          We pause for a moment to note that the sons called Bledrus and Bleddyn are a single man; that Einion and Gruffudd are nowhere cited with a wife or any children, and cannot be dated; and that Jane is not a descendant of Tudor Trefor, but a daughter of Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon ap Gwyn. [3]  Of the remaining named children, not more than 4 of them belong to any single Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon.  Our chart of this extended family shows:


(a)  Dwnn ii, 307 cites her marriage to Endyfed (995) ap Llywarch Gam (965) ap Llydocca (935), but incorrectly calls her father "Rhiwallon ap  Cynfyn".  That Rhiwallon had no sons and was born c. 1024
(b) Burke's "Landed Gentry" entry for Lloyd-Davis of Whittington cites her marriage to Rhys Sais (1025) ap Ednyfed (995) ap Llywarch Gam (965) [4]
(c) Dwnn i, 320 cites her marriage to Dafydd (1102) ap Maredudd (1065) ap Bleddyn (1025) ap Cynfyn (985)
CYNWRIG #1 - Montgomeryshire Collections, Vol 2, p.268 cites his marriage to Anne (1005) ferch Idnerth Benfras (960) whom we chart as a base son Gwrydr Hir of Rhos. This is the Cynwrig whom Bartrum charts as born c. 1000.
CYNWRIG #2 -  Powys Fadog, vol 2, p. 117 cites his marriage to Dyddgu (1080) ferch Ifor Hen (1050) whom we chart as a son of Llywarch Hwlbwrch of Rhos.  This is the Cynwrig whom Bartrum charts as born c. 1100.
CYNWRIG #3 - Pen 287, 1 cites the marriage of his son, Rhiwallon, to Letis (1140) ferch Cadwaladr (1105) ap Peredur (1070) ap Mael (1035).  Pen 128, 151b cites the marriage of his son, Hwfa, to Gwenllian (1135) ferch Owain Gwynedd (1100).  Bartrum conflates this Cynwrig with Cynwrig #2
CYNWRIG #4 - His only son was Nynnio, and the subsequent family is conflated by all sources with the same-named men who descended from the c. 1095 Nynnio ap Cynwrig.  See Appendix below. [5]  Bartrum conflates this Cynwrig with Cynwrig #2
CYNWRIG #5 - Pen 128,151b cites the marriage of his descendant Ieuaf Ddu (1280) ap Ieuaf (1250) ap Madog (1220) ap Bledrus (rect Bleddyn) (1190) ap Cynwrig (1160) ap Rhiwallon (1125) to Efa (1285) ferch Ieuaf (1240)  ap Adda (1205) ap Awr (1170) .  Pen 131, 143 cites the marriage of his descendant Dyddgu (1315) ferch Iorwerth Sais (1285) ap Madog (1255) ap Einion (1225) ap Philip (1195) ap Cynwrig (1160) to Morgan (1300) ap Iorwerth Foel (1270) ap Iorwerth Fychan (1240) ap Iorwerth Hen (1210) ap Owain (1180) ap Bleddyn (1150) ap  Tudor (1120) ap Bleddyn (1085) ap Tudor (1055) ap Rhys Sais I (1025),  Bartrum conflates this Cynwrig with Cynwrig #2
CYNWRIG #6 - Pen 287, 3 cites the marriage of his grand-daughter Arddun (1280) ferch Ieuaf (1250) ap Cynwrig (1220) ap Rhiwallon (1190) to Ednyfed (1270) ap Dafydd (1235) ap Rhys Mechyll (1200) ap Rhys Gryg (1165) ap Lord Rhys (1123).  His son Llewelyn (1250) heads a family found in Dwnn i, 324. Bartrum conflates this Cynwrig with Cynwrig #2

[1]   This man should be identified as Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon ap Gwyn. the first cousin of Trahaearn ap Caradog ap Gwyn, and older brother of Meilyr ap Rhiwallon who was killed with Trahaearn in 1081. Cynwrig and Trahaearn were maternally descended from king Cadell ap Brochwel II of Powys and served as interim kings of Powys and Gwynedd following the death of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn in 1075.  Bartrum failed to include this Cynwrig in his published charts.
[2]  These were Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon ap Gwrydr, cited in HLG 8b in a family descended from Cilmin Droed Ddu, and Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon ap Dolffyn, cited in Pen. 176, 143 in a branch of the same family which includes Cadwgan of Nannau and Einion ap Cynfelyn of Arwystli. 
[3] Montgomeryshire Collections, Vol 7, p. 38 
[4]  Dwnn ii, 307 claims Rhys Sais ap Ednyfed married Efa ferch Gruffudd Hir ap Gruffudd ap Lord Rhys.  Such an Efa would be born c. 1215  and even Bartrum rejected this identification. However, this Rhys Sais had a great-grandson, also called Rhys Sais, who was born c. 1124.  We suggest he was married to Efa (1130) ferch Gruffudd (1085) ap Rhys (1051) ap Tewdwr and Dwnn merely botched her ancestry.
[5]  See our first mention of this conflated line at the link below:

APPENDIX - Ieuaf ap Adda ap Awr:
         One could show many examples of the conflated families headed by a Nynnio ap Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon  Our chart in the main text above only depicts a small part of those two cousin lines.  In fact, the earliest Ieuaf ap Nynnio ap Cynwrig had 4 sons other than the Awr we charted: Llywarch, Griffri, Hywel and Iorwerth.  The later Ieuaf ap Nynnio had 5 sons in addition to the charted Awr:  Llywarch, Griffri, Hywel, Iorwerth and Einion. The following is but one group of cited marriages which exposes this conflation:
                                      1065  Cynwrig #2
                l                           l                                         l
  1105  Hoedliw        1095  Nynnio                     1095  Rhiwallon
                l                           l                                         l
 1140  Cynwrig          1130  Ieuaf                      1125  Cynwrig #4
                l                           l                                         l
 1175  Cynwrig Fychan        Awr  1170                1160  Nynnio   Ednyfed Fychan  1165
                l                          l                                         l                      l
  1210  Madog          1205  Adda                         1195  Ieuaf             Gronwy  1200
                l                          l                                         l                      l                       1245  Myfanwy========Ieuaf  1240                1235  Awr  Gronwy Fychan  1235
                                                                                     l                      l
           cited in Pen 128, 178b                             1265  Adda               Madog  1265
                                                                                     l                      l
                                                                        1295  Ieuaf=====Generys  1300
                                                                                  cited in Pen 128, 603b