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                     GWGAN ap LLEWELYN ap MORIDDIG of BRYCHEINIOG
                                              By Darrell Wolcott
          In his family charts AD300-1400 [1], Peter Bartrum charted a total of 50 men descended from a single Gwgan ap Llewelyn.  After we completed our analysis of these families, which included two separate men named Gwgan ap Lewelyn, we found the families included 70 men. These men DID all appear on the Bartrum charts, but were conflated, with a single name representing two men who lived about 60 years apart.  In a few cases, a single Bartrum name actually represented 3 different men of the same name.
          Perhaps the most obvious of these is Hywel Gethin, charted as a grandson of Gwgan.  Bartrum charts his "father" as both Philip ap Gwgan and Hywel ap Gwgan, apparently in the belief that some sources call his father Philip [2] while other call him Hywel. [3]  In fact, these were two entirely separate families who lived a full 60 years apart.


   (a) ap Ifor (1165) ap Bledri (1130) ap Rhys (1095) ap Bledri (1065) ap Cadifor Fawr (1030)
   (b) ap Hywel (1165) ap Trahaearn (1135) ap Gwgan (1105) ap Gwgan Blaidd Gwyrdd (1075) ap Bleddyn (1045) ap Maenyrch (1015)
          As shown in our chart of "Two Drymbenogs", [6] there were two cousin branches of this family which had copied a string of male names, each born two generations apart, which produced separate strings of men named Llewelyn ap Moriddig ap Drymbenog ap Maenyrch ap Dryffin.  That string was continued by 4 different sons of Llewelyn, [7] the longest of which is seen in the families descended from Gwgan ap Llewelyn, through a son named Hywel.
               1080  Moriddig Warwyn
                   1115  Llewelyn
                     1145  Gwgan                               1145  Moriddig
                                  l                                                   l
                     1175  Hywel (a)                           1175  Llewelyn
                                  l                                                   l
                1210  Trahaearn Tal (b)                       1205  Gwgan
                                  l                                                   l
              1240  Trahaearn Fychan (c)                    1235  Hywel (d)
                                  l                                                   l
                    1275  Madog (e)                        1265  Trahaearn Tal (f)
                                  l                                                   l
                  1305  Trahaearn (g)                    1295  Trahaearn Fychan (h)
                                  l                                                   l 
                      1340  Joan (j)                              1330  Madog (k)
                                                                       1360  Trahaearn (m)
                                                                         1395  John (n)

(a) This Hywel married a daughter (1185) of Reginald Aubrey (1155) son of William Aubrey (1125) son of Reginald Aubrey (1095) son of Sir Reginald Aubrey (1060), one of the knights serving with Sir Bernard Newmarch in the conquest of Brycheiniog. [8]  This Hywel also married Cecily (1180), daughter of William Burghill (1150) son of Richard Burghill (1120) son of John Burghill (1090) son of Sir Humphrey Burghill (1060), the latter being another of Newmarch's knights. [9] Hywel also had a brother named Gwgan Fychan.
(b)  This Trahaearn Tal had a brother named Hywel Gethin.  His wife is unknown
(c)  This Trahaearn Fychan married Ann (1255) daughter of Philip Walbyf (1230) son of Philip Walbyf (1200) son of William Walbyf (1170) son of Sir Philip Walbyf (1140) of Llanhamlach, Brycheiniog. [10] This Trahaearn Fychan had a brother named Madog Tal.
(d)  This Hywel married Marged (1240) ferch Hywel (1200) ap Gruffudd (1165) ap Gwallter (1135) ap Trahaearn Fawr (1095), [11]  Hywel had a brother, Philip.
(e)  This Madog had a brother, Jenkin. No wife is cited for either man.
(f)  This Trahaearn may not have had the nickname "Tal" as most writers conflated him with the man in item (b) above. He had a brother called Hywel Ddu.
(g)  This Trahaearn had a brother named Maredudd Dew.
(h)  This Trahaearn Fychan had a brother named Thomas.
(j)  Joan married Gwilym (1335) ap Dafydd (1305) ap Gwilym Fychan (1275) ap Gwilym (1245) ap Owain Fychan (1210) ap Owain (1180) ap Cynharwy (1150) ap Llewelym (1115) ap Moriddig Warwyn (1080). [12]
(k)  This Madog had brothers Thomas and Dafydd.
(m)  This Trahaearn married (1) Lysod (1365) ferch Dafydd (1335) ap Hywel Fychan (1295) ap Hywel (1260) ap Einion Sais (1225). [13] He married (2) a daughter (1360) ferch Lleuci (1330) ferch Hywel Fychan (1295) ap Hywel (1260) ap Einion Sais (1225). [14] These ladies were 1st-cousins.  Jenkin Pitcher was the father of this unnamed daughter and the husband of Lleuci.
(n)  This John had a brother, Madog. 
          Both men named Gwgan ap Llewelyn also had a son named Gwgan Fychan. They also continued the copy-cat naming through sons named Hywel.  The earliest of those men even continued the sequence through two different sons, which produced 3 men named Gwilym ap Hywel Grach: 

                           1145  Gwgan ap Llewelyn
                              1175  Gwgan Fychan
                                  1205  Hywel               1205  Gwgan ap Llewelyn
                     ______________l______                              l
                     l                                   l                              l                                             1235  Hywel Grach              1240  Gwilym        1235  Gwgan Fychan
                     l                                   l                              l
      1265  Gwilym (a)         1275  Hywel Grach       1270  Hywel
                                                        l                               l
                                          1305  Gwilym (b)    1305  Hywel Grach
                                                                           1335  Gwilym
                                                                         1375  Gwenllian  (c)

(a)  This Gwilym ap Hywel Grach ap Hywel married Marged (1275) ap Gruffudd (1235) ap Madog (1195) ap Hywel Felyn (1165) ap Gruffudd (1135) ap Ifor Bach (1105). [15]
          The long string of same-named cousin lines ended with Gwilym.  He named sons Trahaearn, Rhys and Ieuan while his c. 1335 counterpart had a single son named Hywel.  However, two of his son's names were copied by the c. 1305 Gwilym.       
(b)  This Gwilym ap Hywel Grach ap Gwilym married Elisabeth (1320) daughter of Philpot Walbyf (1290) son of Philip III (1260) son of Philip II (1230) son of Philip Walbyf (1200) son of William (1170) son of Sir Philip Walbyf (1140) son of Sir William (1115) son of John (1085) son of Sir John Walbyf (1060), the latter being a knight in the service of Sir Bernard Newmarch. [16]
          While this branch of the family did not share in the "same-named" tradition beyond Hywel ap Gwgan Fychan (the 2-generation later cousin branch did not include a "Gwilym ap Hywel ap Gwgan Fychan", it did create some shorter same-named lines with sons named Trahaearn and Ieuan.
               1265  Gwilym
                l                              l                   
 1295 Trahaearn          1305  Ieuan                        1305  Gwilym
                l                              l                           _______l_________
                l                              l                           l                             l
  1330  Isabel (1)      1340  Ieuan Gwyn    1335 Trahaearn (2)    1335  Ieuan
                                               l                           l                             l
                                1370  Llewelyn        1375  Thomas (3)   1370  Ieuan Gwyn (4)
                                               l                                                         l
                                  1400  Rhys (5)                                    1415  Llewelyn (6)

(1)  She married Hywel Hir (1325) ap Ieuan (1295) ap Hywel Fwya (1265) ap Trahaearn (1230) ap Ieuan (1200) ap Meurig (1170) ap Cynider (1140) ap Ithel (1110) ap Caradog (1080) ap Bleddyn (1045) ap Maenyrch (1015). [17]
(2) He married Lleuci (1335) ferch Morgan (1295) ap Richard (1265) ap Gruffudd (1235) ap Llewelyn (1205) ap Maredudd Bengoch (1175) ap Llewelyn Fraisg (1145) ap Hywel (1115) ap Seisyll (1085) ap Llewelyn (1055) ap Cadwgan (1020) ap Elystan Glodrydd (990). [18]
(3) He married Gwenllian (1390) ferch Morgan (1360) ap Maredudd Llwyd (1330) ap Maredudd (1295) ap Rhys Ynfyd (1265) ap Caradog (1230) ap Rhys (1195) ap Trahaearn Fychan (1165) ap Trahaearn (1135) ap Gwgan (1105) ap Gwgan Blaidd Gwyrdd (1075) ap Bleddyn (1045) ap Maenyrch (1015). [19]
(4)  He married a daughter (1380) ferch Thomas Llwyd (1340) ap Thomas (1305) ap Trahaearn Tal (1265) ap Hywel (1235) ap Gwgan (1205) ap Llewelyn (1175) ap Moriddig (1145) ap Drymbenog (1110). [20]
(5)  He married Alis (1415) ferch Dafydd (1385) ap Llewelyn (1350) ap Hywel (1320) ap Ieuan (1290) ap Llewelyn (1260) ap Dafydd (1225), the latter being a brother of Einion Sais of Brycheiniog. [21]
(6) He married Elen (1435)  ferch Rhys Ddu (1405) ap Hywel (1375) ap Morgan (1345) ap Rhys Llwyd (1315) ap Gruffudd (1280) ap Rhys (1250) ap Philip Fychan (1220) ap Gwilym (1185) ap Maredudd (1155) ap Rhydderch (1125) ap Bledri Latimer (1095) ap Bledri (1065) ap Cadifor Fawr (1030). [22]   
(c)  This Gwenllian ferch Gwilym ap Hywel Grach ap Hywel married Sir Dafydd Gam (1365) of Agincourt fame [23], descended from King Bleddyn ap Maenyrch.  She had a brother named Hywel born c. 1365, whose son was Richard. This family thus ended their pattern of copying son's names from an earlier cousin branch.

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[5]  Marriage of Roger ap Jenkin ap Richard to Gwerfyl ferch Hywel ap Morgan ap Rhys is cited in Dwnn ii, 43
[6]  See our paper "Family of Drymbenog ap Maenyrch" Chart 2, and its comments, at the link below:
[7] The sons were Gwrgeneu, Seisyll, Cynharwy and Gwgan, the first 3 of which were discussed in the paper linked immediately above
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