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                                           By Darrell Wolcott
         In his Pedigrees of the Welsh Tribal Patriarchs[1], Peter Bartrum comments as follows: "Ednywain Bendew of Tegeingl was ancestor of one Pymtheg Llwyth Gwynedd (one of the 15 Noble Tribes of Gwynedd).  His descendants through his sons Madog, Maredudd, Gruffudd and Gwyn point to a date of birth of about 1100 for Ednywain.  He must therefore be distinguished from an earlier Ednywain Bendew, born c. 1020, who had two sons Bledrus and Rhotbert, and two daughters Morwyl and Ceinfryd (ABT 2d, 8h; HL 1b, 2i)"
        Some 11 years later, when Bartrum published his charts in Welsh Genealogies AD 300-1400, he estimated that Gruffudd ap Ednowain was probably born c. 1070 and must have been a younger son of the first Ednowain Bendew[2].  But he continued to date Madog, Maredudd and Gwyn to c. 1130 thus requiring a second Ednowain Bendew as their father.
        When we abandon his "generational" dating scheme and replace it with more precise estimates, we actually find Maredudd and Gwyn were born nearer 1170 but Madog ap Ednowain occurs c. 1080.  And Bartrum's charts for Madog's family omit the first two generations after Ednowain, skipping directly to the Madog of c. 1145 (whom he dates to c. 1130)  This omission can best be seen in the family which held Bodidris in Ial in 1315[3]:
                Bartrum's Chart                      Our Construction
                                                      1050  Ednowain Bendew
                                                         1080  Madog
        1100  Ednywain Bendew II              1110  Iorwerth
                         l                                             l
             1130  Madog                             1140  Rhiryd
                         l                                             l
            1170  Iorwerth                            1175  Einion
                         l                                             l
             1200  Rhiryd                             1205  Madog
                         l                                             l
             1230  Einion                            1235  Maredudd
                         l                                             l
             1270  Madog                            1265  Llewelyn
                         l                                             l
           1270  Maredudd                          1295  Llewelyn
            1300  Llewelyn
            1330  Llewelyn
         In the 1315 Extent of Bromfield and Yale the holders of Bodidris in Ial included "Llewelyn ap Llewelyn ap Maredudd"[4].  The co-holder was Gruffudd Lloyd (ap Maredudd ap Llewelyn ap Ynyr) who had married the first-cousin of Llewelyn ap Llewelyn, Tangwystl the daughter and heiress of Ieuaf ap Maredudd ap Madog.  Both of these land holders were young men in 1315 as both the father and uncle of Gruffudd Lloyd are named as holders of Gelligynan, Ial in the same survey[5] and were still alive on that date.  In our chart, we make Llewelyn ap Llewelyn a man in his early 20's (our date estimates are + or - 5 years) while the Bartrum chart depicts a man not yet born in 1315.  That he was proceeding uncertainly with his dating is also evident when he places both Maredudd and his father Madog in the same generation.  We think it is clear that his chart is missing two early generations, that in fact the Madog he dates c. 1130 was a brother of the Rhiryd ap Iorwerth in our chart.  What led him astray is the fact that this Rhiryd did have a brother Madog (born c. 1145) who named a son Iorwerth, that Iorwerth had a son Rhiryd and that Rhiryd had a son named Einion.  This Einion ap Rhiryd was born c. 1240 and had a son named Madog who was father to Madog Wyddel, Cwnws, Hywel and Gruffudd....but not to any Maredudd.  In family after family, Bartrum's charts ignore a common tendency to repeat long strings of male names; we see it very often in the 10th to 14th centuries.  And this is certainly not the only example to be found in the families who descended from the c. 1050 (not c. 1100) Ednowain Bendew. 
         To make his early generations "work" chronologically, Bartrum has accepted one error repeatedly made in pedigrees of this family but "emended" another citation to fit.  Most medieval charts show the following at the top[6]:
                    Ednowain Bendew
                        Madog=====Arddun ferch Bradwen, sister of
                             l              Ednowain ap Bradwen
                      Iorwerth=====Arddun ferch Llewelyn ap Owain
                                            ap Edwin
         Since the first Arddun depicted was born c. 1155, Bartrum decided the next Arddun must be incorrect...a granddaughter of Owain ap Edwin would occur c. 1115/1120.  By "emending" the citation to read "Llewelyn ap Owain ap Aldud ap Owain ap Edwin", we produce an Arddun of c. 1185 to fit with the Iorwerth who was a son of the first Arddun.  However, the only construction which fits all the later branches of this family is this:
                1050  Ednowain Bendew
                       1080  Madog (unknown wife)
                       1110  Iorwerth===Arddun ferch Llewelyn 1120
                        1145  Madog===Arddun ferch Bradwen 1155
                      1180  Iorwerth (unknown wife)
         We find the Iorwerth ap Madog of c. 1110 had, besides the son Madog, a son Rhiryd as shown in our first chart and a son Llewelyn who was father to the Tangwystl who married Maredudd ap Cadwaladr[7].  Rhiryd ap Iorwerth of c. 1140 had, in addition to the son Einion, a daughter Tibod who married Ithel Gam ap Maredudd[8].
        Madog ap Iorwerth of c. 1145 had, beside the son Iorwerth shown immediately above and in the Bartrum chart, a son Rhiryd who married Nest ferch Gronwy ap Einion ap Seisyllt[9] (a lady wholly omitted from Bartrum's index probably because she didn't fit anywhere on his charts).  That Rhiryd ap Madog had sons Einion and Iorwerth. Since the early family used so few male names, only by following a rigid timeline can one distinguish one Rhiryd ap Iorwerth, for example, from another.
         Returning to our opening paragraphs now, we find those 3 "sons" of a "second" Ednowain Bendew were most likely born as follows:
                           Madog c. 1080
                           Maredudd c. 1055 [10]
                           Gwyn c. 1055  [11]
         That these men did not share a common father should be evident; only Gwyn and Maredudd might be brothers. 
        The family descended from Gwyn seems to be found in Maelor and intermarried with the Tudor Trevor clan, while that descended from Maredudd held manors in Whitford...lands within the old lordship held by the first Ednowain Bendew. The pedigrees offered by Bartrum are deficient for these two brothers; they were born much earlier than Bartrum estimated. Our work suggests both were sons of the c. 1020 Ednowain Bendew.  We are left with the large family which descended from Madog of c. 1080 as possibly having descended from a "second" Ednowain Bendew, a man born c. 1050.
        Not only did the family hold lands in Tegeingl, but in those areas formerly owned by Edwin ap Gronwy of the eleventh century.  That the man called "Ednowain Bendew" at the top of Madog's pedigree was part of Edwin's clan is almost certain and he occurs in the same generation as the known sons of Edwin.  So who exactly was he? 
        Rather than suggest an answer immediately, we would point you to two other men born about the same time as Madog and whose descendants also held lands in the heart of Edwin's old lordship[12]:
        1.  Madog ap "Ednowain Bendew", born c. 1080
        2.  Aldud ap "Owain ap Edwin", born c. 1085
        3.  Uchdryd ap "Edwin", born c. 1085
       This Uchdryd was father to Maredudd who named a son Ithel Gam and the subsequent families became fixated on that male name, churning out other Ithels nicknamed "Gam", "Fychan", "Lloyd" and "Anwyl" by the handfuls.  Our work is yet incomplete on that family, but the Uchdryd at the top of the pedigree cannot be the Uchdryd ap Edwin who was brother to Owain; this one occurs in the generation of Edwin's grandsons. 
        It has occurred to us that the three men, Uchdryd, Aldud and Madog, might be brothers or at least first-cousins; in the pedigrees the "father" is respectively called Edwin, Owain and Ednowain...the latter perhaps no more than a joining of the first two names.  We now have papers that suggest the father of Uchdryd was actually Uchdryd ap Edwin (link shown below;
that Aldud was an adopted child of Owain ap Edwin (link shown below);
and that Madog was a son of Owain ap Edwin whose later family was ashamed to claim him as their ancestor since certain medieval historians labeled Owain a traitor for ruling Gwynedd as the Norman's sub-king (to the exclusion of their hero, Gruffudd ap Cynan).  Madog's family called their ancestor Ednowain Bendew...replacing Owain with his father-in-law[13].  See the full pedigree at the link shown below:
        Our instant purpose is to set the stage for our later papers by elminating Gruffudd, Gwyn and Maredudd as brothers of Madog; we believe they descended from the c. 1020 Ednowain Bendew.  If there even was such a man as Ednowain Bendew II, his only known son was Madog.  But we doubt that was the true name of Madog's father; however one might call him Edwin's Owain!

[1] See the National Library of Wales Journal, vol xiii, no. 2 (winter, 1963); our quote comes from the notes on pp 138
[2] published in 8 volumes in 1974, the reference is to the chart Ednywain Bendew 1 in volume 2.
[3] This family is also charted and discussed in Appendix A to our paper "Sandde Hardd of Mortyn" at the link below
[4] T.P. Ellis "The First Extent of Bromfield and Yale AD 1315", 1924, London, pp 89
[5] ibid pp 81
[6] one example can be seen in the pedigree of Jones of Chilton printed in Montgomeryshire Collections, vol xiii, pp 389; citations in Dwnn ii, 304 and 325 are quite flawed and both depict the Madog who married Arddun ferch Bradwen as occurring earlier than the Iorwerth who married the granddaughter of Owain ap Edwin, but neither make the latter descended from Aldud.
[7] Harleian Ms 1969, 110 cites the marriage of Tangwystl ferch Llewelyn ap Iorwerth to Maredudd ap Cadwaladr ap Gruffudd ap Cynan.  We have previously identified that Cadwaladr as "ap Cadwgan ap Cadwaladr ap Gruffudd ap Cynan ap Idwal", the father of a Cadfan ap Cadwaladr who married Lleuci ferch Ithel ap Rhys, and the grandfather of the Tangwystl who married Moriddig ap Sandde of c. 1195.
[8] Harleian Ms 1971, 163 cites this marriage
[9] Dwnn ii, 325 cites the marriage of Nest to Rhiryd ap Madog but like Bartrum, omits 2 generations above Madog.
[10] For our dating, see the paper "Maredudd ap Ednowain Bendew" at the link below:
[11} For our dating, see the paper "Gwyn ap Ednowain Bendew" at the link below:
[12] in addition to other parcels, descendants from each of the 3 men held land in Northop where Edwin of Tegeingl was buried and where stood his home of Llys Edwin.
[13] ABT 2d says the mother of Gronwy ap Owain (ap Edwin per ABT 2e) was "Morwyl verch Ydnywain bendew ap Neiniad ap Gawithuoed ap Gwrydr."  Thus, Ednowain Bendew was the father-in-law of Owain ap Edwin, and Morwyl (Morfydd) was Owain's wife.