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                                     MAREDUDD AND PHILIP AP UCHDRYD
                                                 By Darrell Wolcott
           While the medieval pedigrees call both Maredudd and Philip "ap Uchdryd ap Edwin"[1], both were born near 1120 and the "Uchdryd" which forms their patronym must have occurred in the generation of grandsons of Edwin of Tegeingl.  Families descended from Maredudd held some of the same Tegeingl lands which were once a part of Edwin's lordship and he was almost certainly their ancestor.  Maredudd's father Uchdryd must, then, have been a son of either Owain or Uchdryd ap Edwin.  The families spawned by Philip ap Uchdryd are found in Cyfeiliog, on lands which Uchdryd ap Edwin had received from Cadwgan ap Bleddyn. 
         Further chronological analysis indicates there were actually two men called Philip ap Uchdryd, the one born c. 1120 and another born a generation later. Both men had, among others, a son named Hywel and this has led virtually all genealogists to assume a single Philip was the ancestor of both subsequent families.  Perhaps the ancestry of the second Philip can be found in B.M. Add 14918, 62; alluded to but then ignored by Peter Bartrum, that source cites a "Philip ap Uchdryd ap Madog Penllyn".
         In our paper devoted to the life of Uchdryd ap Edwin, it was suggested that he was granted the lordships in Meirionydd, Penllyn and Cyfeiliog for rendering exceptional military services to Cadwgan ap Bleddyn.  The Brut record says Uchdryd built his own castle at Cymer in Meirionydd.  We suspect that the "Uchdryd, Lord of Cyfeiliog" mentioned in various pedigree manuscripts was actually an eldest and same-named son of Uchdryd ap Edwin, while Madog Penllyn was a younger son who inheirited that part of his father's lands.  In 1116, we are told that two grandsons of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn took back the three lordships which Cadwgan ap Bleddyn had granted to Uchdryd ap Edwin; this must have been but a temporary coup since we continue to find descendants of Uchdryd in Cyfeiliog well into the 15th century. Perhaps Maredudd ap Bleddyn restored the Cyfeiliog lands to the sons of Uchdryd about 1124 when he prevented heirs of his nephews from taking possession of Uchdryd's former lands in Powys.
         A chart similiar to the following would account for the men and the lands they held in the mid-twelfth century:
                               1020  Edwin
                             1055  Uchdryd
                       l                                          l
     1085  Uchdryd Cyfeiliog                Madog Penllyn  1085
              ______l__________                      l
              l                            l                      l
 1120  Maredudd(a)   1120  Philip            Uchdryd  1120
                                          l                      l
                            1155  Hywel(b)           Philip  1150   
                                                           Hywel(c)  1185
   (a) His descendants are found in Tegeingl on the paternal lands of his grandfather, while those of his brother Philip are found in Cyfeiliog
   (b) He had a brother Maredudd and sons Llewelyn and Tudor[2]
   (c) He had a brother Madog and sons Dafydd and Gruffudd[3]
          It was probably the brothers Uchdryd and Madog who were forced from their Cyfeiliog and Penllyn lands in 1116.  There is nothing to indicate this family ever regained a foothold in either Meirionydd or Penllyn, but men descended from both those brothers did hold manors in Cyfeiliog. 
          In the earlier paper  we mentioned above [4], we had identified Maredudd ap Uchdryd as having been born c. 1120 and thus not a son of Uchdryd ap Edwin as his pedigree claims.  We suggested he might have been a son of Owain ap Edwin, but it seems more likely it was a same-named son of Uchdryd ap Edwin who was father to both Maredudd of Tegeingl and Philip of Cyfeiliog.  A wife cited for Uchdryd ap Edwin fits chronologically with a Uchdryd ap Uchdryd ap Edwin:
                 1020  Edwin                    1025  Bleddyn
                             l                                       l
                1055  Uchdryd                  1065  Maredudd 
                            l                                        l    
               1085  Uchdryd[5]==========Angharad  1100
                                   1120  Philip 
         The marriage may also explain why, when the sons of Cadwgan ap Bleddyn took back the Meirionydd, Penllyn and Cyfeiliog lands which had been granted by their father to Uchdryd ap Edwin, Maredudd later restored the Cyfeiliog lands to Philip ap Uchdryd...that was his grandson.

           To demonstrate that there were two different men named Philip ap Uchdryd who were born a generation apart (Bartrum's charts show a single man born c. 1130) one needs do little more than examine two daughters cited for him. 
         1.  Sian ferch Philip ap Uchdryd was married to Ednowain ap Bradwen of Ardudwy[6].  That man was born c. 1155 and we should expect Sian to occur c. 1155/65, a chronological fit for the daughter of a Philip born c. 1120...our estimate for the man Bartrum places c. 1130.
         2.  Arddun ferch Philip ap Uchdryd married Madog ap Rhiryd Flaidd of Penllyn[7].  He was born c. 1190 and we should expect his wife to date from c. 1190/1205...much too late to have been the daughter of the Philip born c. 1120.  Her father should occur c. 1160/75 or a full generation later than the father of Sian.  Bartrum solves this non-fit with his Philip of c. 1130 by simply ignoring Arddun altogether; she is absent from his indexes.
          That both men named Philip ap Uchdryd had a son named Hywel is also evident when we follow the families descended from each.  For example, Bartrum shows "sisters" Lleuci and Isabel as daughters of Hywel ap Philip[8], but dates them a full generation apart with Lleuci at c. 1200 and Isabel at c. 1230.  Our own dating for the two ladies is the same and requires two different men named Hywel ap Philip for a father.  Lleuci married Madog ap Cadifor ap Genillyn ap Gwaethfoed of Meirionydd[9], that Madog born c. 1200, while Isabel married Ieuan ap Madog ap Cadwgan of Meirionydd[10].  Ieuan was descended from the Dyfed dynasty of Saul Felyn ap Meurig and was born c. 1225/30.
         The earliest Philip ap Uchdryd had, beside Sian and Hywel, another son Maredudd who was living in 1199 and born c. 1150.  His descendant eventually married an heiress of the family of his brother Hywel as follows:
                                     1085  Uchdryd
                                       1120  Philip
                        l                                              l
         1150  Maredudd                                  Hywel  1155
                        l                                              l
         1185  Gruffudd                                    Tudor  1190
                        l                                             l
         1220  Llewelyn  lv 1278                      Madog  1225
                        l                                             l
         1250  Gruffudd                                 Llewelyn  1260
                        l                                            l
         1280  Llewelyn[11]============Mary  1290
       Note:  The citations and Bartrum's charts omit the second pair of Llewelyn ap Gruffudd but place the Llewelyn who was husband of Mary three generations after Gruffudd ap Maredudd without filling the gap.
        The later Philip ap Uchdryd had, beside Arddun and Hywel, a son Madog born c. 1180 whose daughter, Efa of c. 1210, married Madog ap Cadwgan ap Madog ap Cadwgan ap Bleddyn ap Madog of Nannau[12]; that Madog was born c. 1200 and was the father of Meurig of Nannau. This Philip's son Hywel had, beside the daughter Isabel, sons Dafydd (living in 1278) and Gruffudd, the latter born c. 1220.
         This Gruffudd ap Hywel ap Philip is confounded with Gruffudd Goch ap Tudor ap Hywel ap Philip of the earlier family on Bartrum's convoluted chart by the assumption the Madogs in the following charts are the same man:
                1085  Uchdryd
              1120   Philip                 1120  Uchdryd
                           l                                  l
              1155  Hywel                  1150  Philip
                           l                                  l
              1190  Tudor                 1185  Hywel     
                           l                                  l
          1220  Gruffudd Goch       1220  Gruffudd
                          l                                  l
            1250  Madog[13]          1255  Madog[13]
        The family on the left above was seated in Penegoes parish in Cyfeiliog, while that on the right was found in Darowen parish in Cyfeiliog.  It was the Darowen family from which sprang Hywel Goch ap Madog[14] born c. 1360.

          Before considering the family of the c. 1120 Maredudd ap Uchdryd of Tegeingl, we should first dispose of the c. 1090 Maredudd ap Uchdryd found in Harleian Ms 1969.  Probably a base son of Uchdryd ap Edwin, this Maredudd married Sioned ferch Ithel ap Eunydd of Ruthinland[15] and had sons Einion and Madog[16] who shared Maesmaencymro in Colion, Dyffryn Clwyd. Nothing more is known of that family.      
       The process of constructing the family descended from the c. 1120 Maredudd ap Uchdryd presents a wholly different problem, that of multiple men named Ithel.  This family was seated on Uchdryd's paternal lands in Tegeingl.  The following construction is the only pedigree which follows a consistent timeline for all later descendants:
                                   1085  Uchdryd 
                                  1120  Maredudd 
                         l                                            l
            1150  Gronwy                          Ithel Gam Hen (a) 1155  
             ________l_________                         l
             l                              l                         l
1180 Cynwrig Sais   1185  Dafydd             Ithel Lloyd  1190
 (to Haliwel family)   (Caerfallwch line)        see next chart
                                        1190  Ithel Lloyd
              l                               l                                        l
1225  Bleddyn         1220  Ithel Fychan               1220  Ithel Gam
              l                               l                                       l
  (father of Ithel Anwyl,     (father of Cynwrig Sais              l
  Dafydd, Ieuan, Cynwrig     and three daughters:              l
  and Bleddyn Fychan)      Ales, Angharad and one             l
                                     unnamed)                                  l
1250  Ithel Lloyd                            Ithel Fychan  1260
                l                           (father of Cynwrig Sais, Ithel
1285  Ithel Fychan                    and 5 daughters, including
                l                             Nest and Gwenllian)
   1315  Tudor
   1345  Hywel
    1375  Ithel
  1405  Angharad of Mostyn
       (a)  Most extant pedigrees skip from the Ithel Gam of c. 1220 directly to Maredudd, but the medieval citations identify both an "Ithel Gam" and a "Hen Ithel Gam"[17]
          It is also evident there were at least three separate men named Cynwrig Sais in this family.  The one born c. 1180 had two sons:  Dafydd whose son was John Haliwel, and Ithel[18].  The Cynwrig Sais born c. 1250 had daughters Nest and Angharad[19] while the man of that name born c. 1295 had 3 daughters: Efa, Gwenllian and Angharad[20].  
         An oft-seen marriage connection between a descendant of Maredudd ap Uchdryd and the family of the so-called Ednowain Bendew II is this one:
               1050  Ednowain Bendew II
                 1080  Madog                      Uchdryd  1085
                             l                                l
                1110  Iorwerth                    Maredudd  1120
                             l                                l
                 1145  Madog                 Ithel Gam Hen  1155
                             l                                l
                 1175  Rhiryd                     Ithel Lloyd  1190
                             l                                l
               1210  Iorwerth                   Ithel Fychan  1220
                             l                                l
                 1245  Robert[21]=======Ales  1250
           The Robert ap Iorwerth in this chart is NOT the same man who had the son, Cynwrig.  This one had a brother, Rhiryd, born c. 1240; that Rhiryd had a son Iorwerth whose son Robert was born c. 1310.  It was that later Robert who was father to Cynwrig and grandfather to Ithel Fychan and others.

[1] Pen. 131, 105 & 186; Pen. 129, 56 & 74; and Pen. 127, 24 cite Maredudd ap Uchrdyd ap Edwin, while Pen. 131, 284; Pen. 127, 145; and Pen. 128, 105a cite Philip ap Uchdryd ap Edwin
[2] Pen. 131, 284 cites a Maredudd ap Philip ap Uchdryd; Pen. 128, 179a cites Llewelyn ap Hywel ap Philip and Pen. 128, 646a cites Tudor ap Hywel ap Philip
[3] Pen. 287, 385 cites Madog ap Philip ap Uchdryd; Pen. 128, 113a cites Dafydd ap Hywel ap Philip and Pen. 128, 111a cites Gruffudd ap Hywel ap Philip
[4] See the papers "Uchdryd ap Edwin - The Younger Son", at the link below:
and "The Ednowain Bendew II of Medieval Pedigrees" at the link below:
[5] Harl. 1969 as quoted by "History of Powys Fadog", vol iii, pp 105  Bartrum omits Angharad from his index because she did not fit his timeline, but it was Uchdryd ap Uchdryd ap Edwin she married
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[20] Pen. 131, 46 cites Efa ferch Cynwrig Sais ap Ithel Fychan; Pen 131, 100 cites Gwenllian ferch Cynwrig Sais ap Ithel Fychan; and Pen 131, 186 cites Angharad ferch Cynwrig Sais ap Ithel Fychan.  Marriages cited for those ladies date them to c. 1325/30
[21] Citations for this marriage include Pen. 127, 131 & 164 and Pen. 128, 611a; other early 16th century citations incorrectly omit Ithel Lloyd from the ancestry of Ales, an error repeated by Bartrum in his chronologically unstable charts