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                                   THE WELSH WALCOT FAMILY
                                                CHART I
                              880  Cynddelw Gam [1]
                                915  Cynwrig
                               945  Gweirydd
                                 975  Coel===dau of Seisyllt ap Brochwel 990
                                           l  [2]                 CHART III
                    1005  Llewelyn Aurdorchog[3]==Efa vz Cynfyn[4] 1018
                                           l                       CHART II
                      1035  Llewelyn Fychan[5]===Annes vz Cadwgan 1050
                                           l                      CHART V
                          1075  Rhys Goch[6]===Lleuci vz Llewelyn  1090
                                           l                 CHART III
                               1105  Einion[7]===Sian vz Seisyllt  1115
                                           l              CHART VI
                           1140  Iorwerth[8]===Sian vz Dafydd Fychan 1155
                                           l               CHART IV
                           1170  Trahaearn[9]===Dyddgu vz Maredudd  1180
                                           l                  CHART IV
                        1200  Iorwerth "y Gwion"[10]===Jane Corbet  1215
                                           l                     CHART VIII
                          1230  Iorwerth Fychan[11]===unknown
                                1265  Rhys[12]===Sian vz Einion Hen  1270
                                           l            CHART V
                               1295  Dafydd[13]===Jane Walcot  1310
                                           l              CHART XIV
                           1325  Evan de Walcot===Ann Mynde  1335
                                           l                   CHART XI
                            1360  Roger Walcot===Edith Downes 1375
                                           l                  CHART XVI
                           1390  Sir Philip Walcot[14]===Julia Harley  1400
                                           l                       CHART XV
                            1425  John Walcot===Ales vz Dafydd Lloyd  1440
                                           l                    CHART III
                                           l                                           1465
                       1455  Roger Walcot[15]===Margaret vz Dafydd Lloyd
                                                                  CHART VI
The Charts cross-referenced above can be seen by clicking on the appropriate links which follow the notes below
[1]  Cynddelw Gam was descended from Llywarch Hen, the warrior bard, who sought shelter with in-laws of the 2nd Powys Dynasty before they were forced from the Severn valley by Saxons.  Cynddelw and his father joined the expedition of Lles Llydog which cleared Danish squatters from northeast Wales; among the lands they received were Ystrad Alun of which Cynddelw became Lord.  See "The Retaking of Northeast Wales in the 10th Century" at the link below:
[2]  The marriage of Coel ap Gweirydd to a sister of Llewelyn ap Seisyllt is inferred from his son's relationship with that Llewelyn's son
[3]  Llewelyn ap Coel was made penteulu (leader of his warband) by King Gruffudd ap Llewelyn, a position reserved by law to near relatives of the king.  We think they were first-cousins.  For his services to the king, he was granted the additional lordship of Ial...lands long owned by the 1st Powys Dynasty
[4]  Medieval genealogists believed that Ithel Felyn of Ial was a son of Llewelyn Aurdorchog; since Ithel can be dated c. 1065, they dated Llewelyn to c. 1035 and emended the pedigrees to give him a wife born near 1050.  Actually Ithel Felyn was his grandson and Llewelyn's wife was born c. 1020
[5]  Llewelyn Fychan was the eldest son and became Lord of Ial and Ystrad Alun.  It was during his lifetime the Norman Marcher lords invaded and claimed ownership of Ial.  They were soon expelled but a few generations later, the lordship of Ial was taken by descendants of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn
[6]  Ithel Felyn, the older brother of Rhys Goch, succeeded to the Lordship of Ial and Ystrad Alun.  Rhys married a lady of Cydewain in south Powys and relocated there
[7]  Einion ap Rhys married a lady of Cyfeiliog and also resided in south Powys
[8]  Iorwerth ap Einion married a lady of Arwystli, then a cantref of south Powys; his wife is misidentified in the medieval sources as the daughter of a different Dafydd Fychan, the one of Bacheldre who lived nearly 200 years later.  See Chart XVII
[9]  Trahaearn ap Iorwerth served as a captain in the warband of King Gwenwynwyn ap Owain Cyfeiliog of south Powys in his wars with both the English and with Llewelyn Fawr of Gwynedd.  In the end, this warband was allied with England against the expansionist desires of Llewelyn Fawr to make himself king of all Wales.  For those services, Trahaearn received (1) the manor of Garthmyl in Cydewain; (2) a new coat of arms "argent, three lions passant in pale, gules"; and (3) the daughter of his lord as wife
[10] Iorwerth, the eldest son of Trahaearn, was born during the lifetime of Trahaearn's father, a rarity for Welshmen in that era.  To distinguish one Iorwerth from the other, he was called "y wyrion" or "the grandson" which was corrupted in pedigree material to "Gwion" and thought by some to have been a brother of Iorwerth.  That he named a son Iorwerth Fychan should indicate Gwion was Iorwerth.  He followed his father's military career, serving the Corbet family at Caus Castle and was given a Corbet lady in marriage
[11] While a number of pedigrees mention Iorwerth Fychan, none identify his wife nor the mother of his children
[12]  A younger son, Rhys ap Iorwerth Fychan married a lady of Mochdre in Ceri. Her father's nickname "Hen" was corrupted to "Penn" in pedigrees.  His brother, Trahaearn Goch, inheirited the manor of Garthmyl and 4 generations later his line ended with a heiress who carried Garthmyl to the Jones family that still held it in the 18th century
[13]  Dafydd ap Rhys resided at Betws in Ceri before marrying a lady from Walcot, Shropshire.  At her father's death, his share of the village of Walcot went to Jane and her son, Ieuan
[14] Sir Philip Walcot was the right age to have been at Agincourt with Henry V and may well be the actual man to whom the new arms "argent, a chevron between three chessrooks, ermines" was granted.  A 17th century descendant of the Saxon Walcot family (Humphrey, Jr) claimed in his pedigree they were granted to his ancestor who was contemporary with Sir Philip, but that is merely his word.  We suspect his ancestor was a London merchant, not a military man.  Another 17th century Walcot (Charles, Jr) gave a pedigree to the Deputy Herald for Wales in which he claimed direct descent from Sir Philip; he was a first-cousin of Humphrey, Jr.  The chronology makes Charles' claim doubtful, but both men sought to attach themselves to a Roger in the Welsh family instead of the Saxon Roger. 
[15] The 1623 Visitation of Shropshire ends with this Roger; it errs by assigning his wife to a Roger of the Saxon Walcot family, a man born some 50 years earlier than Margaret. 

[1] HLG 5; Dwnn i, 308; Pen. 131, 286: for ancestors of Llewelyn Aurdorchog
[2] Edward Hamer's "Parochial Account of Llanidloes" in Montgomeryshire Collections, vol vii; Lloyd's "History of Powys Fadog", vol v, pp 120; Dwnn i, 308: for Llewelyn Aurdorchog down to Trahaearn ap Iorwerth
[3] Dwnn i, 111; Visitation of Shropshire 1623, pp 476: for the descent after Trahaearn ap Iorwerth