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                                     FIRST POWYS DYNASTY
                                             CHART III
                              820  Brochwel ap Aeddan I [1]
            l                                              l
855  Gwaeddan                          850  Selyf I
            l                                             l
 890  Rhodri                              880  Aeddan II
            l                                            l      
 920 Owain                          910  Brochwel II
           l                  _______________l____________________
           l                  l                          l                                   l
955  Iorwerth    945 Selyf II      945  Seisyllt [2]            940  Cadell
           l                  l             ________l_______                     l
           l                  l             l                           l                    l 965
           l                  l    990 Dau              979 Llewelyn         Nest
           l                  l             =                          l        950     =  
           l                  l Coel ap Gwierydd  1011 Gruffudd   Gwerystan
           l                  l        CHART I                     l  [3]       ap
990 Gruffudd  975 Aeddan III                 1050  Nest      Gwaethfoed
           l                  l                                        =        CHART II
1025 Meilyr Gryg   Brochwel III 1005       1035 Trahaearn ap   
           l       [4]       l                                    Caradog     
1060  Llewelyn        l_____                           CHART IV              
             l                        l                        
1090  Lleuci                    l           
             =                      l                     
1075  Rhys Goch ap         l
       Llewelyn Fychan       l 
            CHART I              l
           l                                                l     
1035 Sian                                 1045  Selyf III
          =                                               l
 Cadwgan ap Elystan  1020      1075  Aeddan IV
          Glodrudd                                    l
       CHART V                         1110  Brochwel IV
                                              1145  Selyf IV
                                               1180  Beli
                                             1215  Gruffudd
                                                           l                        1260
                                           1250  Gwenwys==Alice, dau of
                                                           l            Roger Corbet
                                             1285  Madog         CHART VIII
                                              1315  Ieuan
                                           1350  Gruffudd
                                   1385  Sir Gruffudd Fychan[5] ob 1447
                 l                    l                                l
   1420  Reynold   1415 Gwenhwyfar   1415  Dafydd Lloyd [6]
                 l                     =                            l
                 l       1400 John Forden                   l
                 l               CHART XVII                   l
                 l                     _________________l_____
                 l                     l                                        l
   1450  Gruffudd [7]      Ales 1440        1450  Dafydd Lloyd Fychan
               =     1465         =                                      l
(1) Elisabeth Plowden    John Walcot 1425     1485  Oliver 
(2) Isabel Plowden 1465      CHART I                          l
      CHART XIII                                            1515  Richard
                                                               1550  Richard Lloyd
                                                              1560  Magaret, dau of
                                                                       John Newton
                                                                           CHART XII
The Charts cross-referenced above can be seen by clicking on the appropriate links which follow the notes below
[1]  This family descended from Cadell Ddyrnllwg of c. 380 and Brochwel Ysgithrog of c. 510 and it included Cyngyn ap Cadell who erected the Pillar of Eliseg in the early 800's  In 1063, its rule in Powys was ended by the usurping sons of Cynfyn, Rhiwallon and Bleddyn
[2]  While the ancestry of Llewelyn ap Seisyllt is nowhere cited, events make it fairly certain he was descended from the ruling Powys family; Seisyllt was probably the next eldest brother when Cadell ap Brochwel died without sons c. 1010.  Cadell's only daughter married Gwerystan and was the mother of Cynfyn
[3]  Gruffudd ap Llewelyn became king of Powys in 1039, took Gwynedd by killing its king the same year and by 1056 he ruled every territory in Wales.  When he was slain in 1063, his sons Maredudd and Ithel were about 22/23 years old and too young to claim his kingdom.  Edward the Confessor of England installed Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn as king of Powys and his brother Bleddyn as king of Gwynedd.  In 1069, the two sons of Gruffudd attempted to unseat the sons of Cynfyn and both died as a result of that battle.  The rule of the First Powys dynasty ended with those men, replaced by Bleddyn ap Cynfyn (Rhiwallon was also killed in the same battle).  Nest, the daughter of Gruffudd, was his youngest child by his first wife,  After her death, Gruffudd married a daughter of Earl Aelfgar of Mercia and had a final child c. 1956, a daughter also named Nest.
[4] Meilyr Gryg was the first of that name (5 generations later c. 1190 there was another Meilyr usually called Gryg although probably in error) and resided at Gregynog in the parish of Tregynon in Cydewain.  His 15th century descendant, Evan Blayney, still held that manor and was about the same age as Sir Gruffudd Fychan; they occur together on a 1406 list of burgesses of Welshpool cited in Dwnn i, 312
[5]  Sir Gruffudd Fychan was descended from the senior line of his family and may well have told Henry Grey (who was descended from Bleddyn ap Cynfyn and who held the title Lord of Powys) that the title should have been his by birthright since Henry's ancestor was a mere usurper.  Grey summarily executed Sir Gruffudd Fychan in 1447 and claimed it was because the latter supported the house of York
[6]  Most authorities believe Dafydd Lloyd was the eldest son of Sir Gruffudd Fychan. Ales was a base daughter, born before he married.  Although Lloyd was only his nickname, his son Dafydd took it as a surname.
[7]  Gruffudd ap Reynold ap Sir Gruffudd Fychan probably only married one of these Plowden ladies.  The Cedwyn Ms of 1633 says he married Elisabeth, daughter of Humphrey Plowden by whom he had a daughter Marged.  The 1623 Visitation of Shropshire, pp 87 says he married Isabel, daughter of Edward Plowden by whom he had a daughter Alice.  But both sources say the daughter he had by a Plowden lady married Dafydd Lloyd ap Dafydd ap Matthew ap Cadwaladr (who descended from a brother of Gwenwys ap Gruffudd in the above chart).  We date the marriage to a Plowden lady to c. 1478 and assign to it two daughters and two sons.  However, about 1484 Gruffudd ap Reynold married the widowed Jois ferch Owain ap Evan Blayney and had by her a daughter Sissely c. 1485.  That lady married Robert Porter son of Richard whose pedigree dates him to c. 1470.  The first husband of Jois ferch Owain was Dafydd ap Matthew ap Cadwaladr mentioned just above.
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[2] Dwnn i, 313; Dwnn 11, 152: for the marriage of Sian ferch Brochwel ap Aeddan
[3] Cedwyn Ms of 1633 for the ancestry of Sir Gruffudd Fychan
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[5] ibid and Visitation of Shropshire 1623, pp 87 for the marriage of Gruffudd ap Reynold to a Plowden lady or ladies
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