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                                            PLOWDEN FAMILY [1]
                                                CHART XIII
1400  Roger Corbet     
             l                1410            
 1425  Anna==John Stury   1410  John Plowden  1405 Edward Plowden
             l CHART VIII                       .                         .
             l                    [2]               .                         .
1440  Elisabeth==Humphrey   1440 Roger Plowden     Edward Plowden
             [3]     l  Plowden 1435                   [2]       [2]  l      1440
            ______l_____________                                    l
            l                              l                                    l
1464  Edmund        1465  Elisabeth==Gruffudd ap======Isabel 1465 
            l                                      Reynold 1450  
            l                                       CHART III
             l                        l                        l                     l 
1492 Edmund Jr   1495 Humphrey     1495 Margaret    1500 Elisabeth  
            =                        l                       =                     =
 Elisabeth Mynde   1525  Edmund    John Walcot 1480    John Mynde
                1510               =            CHART XIV                   1485
    CHART XI            Maria Lee  1535                                   CHART XI
                             CHART IX
The Charts cross-referenced above can be seen by clicking on the appropriate links which follow the notes below
[1]  The Plowden family had been seated at Plowden, Shropshire, since the mid-11th century but their pedigree does not connect the 15th century descendants to earlier ancestors
[2]  In 1462, Roger and Edward Plowden (those born c. 1440) killed a William Walcot in the streets of Walcot but were shielded from prosecution by Roger Corbet, John Plowden and Edward Plowden.  How that older generation of Plowdens were related to the two boys is not known, but may have been their fathers.  And Humphrey Plowden of c. 1435 was likely a brother or first-cousin of the murderers.  
[3]  Elisabeth Stury, granddaughter of Roger Corbet, had been married to a man the Shropshire Visitation calls William Willascot; her marriage to Humphrey Plowden was a second marriage.  We aren't told if she divorved William or if he died. See Chart XVIII for one possible scenerio
[1] Visitation of Shropshire of 1623, pp 448 for the marriages of Anna Corbet and Elisabeth Stury
[2] ibid pp 87 for the marriage of Gruffudd ap Reynold to Isabel Plowden
[3] Cedwyn Ms of 1633 for the marriage of Gruffudd ap Reynold to Elisabeth Plowden.  We suspect he married a single Plowden lady who is misidentified in one of these sources
[4] ibid Note 1, pp 370 for the marriages between the Plowden and Mynde families
[5] ibid, pp 317 for the marriage of Edmund to Maria Lee
[6] ibid, pp 477 for the marriage of Margaret to John Walcot